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Begin October (2015), it was my first time I visited New York City. Instead of staying in "hip" Manhattan, there was a conscious decision to stay in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). A neighbourhood that is defined as; hip, fashionable and arty. On our last morning I made a tour to discover vintage shops, before I left New York City. This led to great conversations and surprising discoveries. With camera and notebook, I was on my way!

  1. Awoke Vintage

After a good brunch, I spotted Awoke Vintage from the beautiful rooftop of Juliette. A vintage store with international variety and handpicked items by the owner. ‘’These items come from all over the world through connections and wholesale market’’, says the saleswoman. Here shop well-dressed men as well and there is a lot of different stuff incl. accessories.




Instagram: awokevintagebrooklyn


Address: 132 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11 211 (also in Greenpoint)

Number on the map: 1

Price range: $ 10 -100


I bought myself this nice blouse and a bracelet.



    2. Pink Yotto

At the corner of Bedford Av. is the next vintage store. More striking was that this shop has a neat appearance. The items have an unique combination of fabric, design and color  with the look of vintage. The prices are somewhat higher.



Instagram: Pink Yotto


Address: 220 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11 211

Number on the map: 2

Price range: $ 100-200


  1. Mini Mall

 Make sure to visit the Mini Mall! This is something hidden on Bedford Av. This is a small shopping hall with small shops. Awake Vintage also has an entrance in this shopping hall. Here are different shops with  clothes, accessories, lingerie and a giftstore.

Address: 224 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11 211,

Number on the map: 3


  1. Cyclical Industry

If you enter the Mini Mall you step right in this lovely store with jewelries, gifts and illustruation cards. Oh my and they do have a Catlover Collection!



Instagram:  cyclical_industry


Adres: 218 Bedford Ave (in Williamsburg Mini Mall), Brooklyn, NY 11249, Verenigde Staten

Number on the map: 4

Prijsklasse: From $ 8


  1. The Market NYC

A shop with shop in shops. And support local artisans. Men's and women's vintage clothing, bags, accessories and furniture, you can find it here!

Instagram: themarketnyc


Address: 218 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11 249 OPEN TO WED SUN

Number on the map: 5

Price range: around $ 100


  1. Hairy Guppy

This is a store you can find in The Market NYC. It reminded me of the Zipper Stores in The Netherlands. This is a store with a real secondhand look!




Instagram: hairyguppy


Address: 218 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11 249 OPEN TO WED SUN

Number on the map: 6

Price range: $ 0- 100


  1. Shoe market

Beautiful shoes with a vintage look in different styles. Here you will also find well-known brands such as Cheap Monday, Timberland and Vans.





Address: 160 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11 211,

Number on the map: 7

Price range: $ 40-200


  1. Local Color Truck

The truck to shop local! After the  wellknown ‘foodtruck’ I think this is the most wonderful invention! The truck is a shop in shop where local designers from NY sell their items.

Christine, the proud truck owner, was a fashion designer. After she lost her job she started her own business and has established this Local Color Truck. She travels around NYC and she stayed at this place in Williamsburgh. Follow her on Instagram or on her website and see where you can find her!





Instagram: local color truck


Address: state in October N 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11 211 alternately keep the site or instagram eye.

Number on the map: 8

Price range: $ 0- 100 dlr


  1.  BAGGU

In the end I took the side street Whyte Av. and came upon this colorful bag shop. A pleasure for the eye: the simple pattern with color combinations. I really wanted to buy a BAGGU, (it took me some time to pick one;).




Instagram: okbaggu


Address: 242 Wythe Ave No. 4/11 249 Brooklyn NY

(Entrance on North 3rd St)

Number on the map: 9

Price range: from $ 7-200 (standard BAGGU (nylon) $ 9)


After this ‘ Vintage Journey’  I almost reached the water with a beautiful view of Manhattan next to the Williamsburgh Bridge.



Finally I needed to go back, in a bit hurry, to the apartment and get ready for departure. I passed by the Art Library, which looked so cool from the outside! Unfortunately I couldn’t take a look, but I hope to visit this place next time!


      10.  The Sketchbook Project (Art Library)

A library which is a house of collection of sketch books with artwork by various artists from all over the world. Here you can find inspiration and discovery. It is a place where artists and audiences come together.



Instagram: thesketchbookproject


Address: 103A North 3rd St.

Brooklyn, NY 11249

Number on the map: 10 


Vintage shoproute Map


Williamsburgh, see you next time! 

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